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How many photos can I expect back?

I no longer guarantee a specific number of photos back. But I always far exceeded the number I previously promised anyway. Truly it varies shoot to shoot. But I don't hold back. And we will take lotssss.

When will I get my photos back?

Generally 1-2 weeks for digital and film photos.

If you've been a client of mine in the past, you may be shocked by that turnaround time. The way I shoot and edit has changed drastically since rebranding. I no longer spend hours editing and photoshopping, so the time is mostly culling and curating your gallery and making only minor adjustments.

Why did you decide to rebrand?

I've evolved as a creator. Every creator does, but usually it seems gradual. Minimal. But - I hit a wall in my old editing style. And though I still love the warm, creamy, muted aesthetic, I was struggling to feel inspired.

My number one goal as a photographer is to stay inspired and creative for my clients (and for myself), because it is SO easy to let it become dull and just a "job". 

So, as I played around with color and film - just for fun - my spark was reignited. Film is timeless, nostalgic, imperfect, real... And so, so fun. So now that's the vision. Whether it's digital or film. Authentic, colorful, and just a little bit imperfect.

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